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The new doctoral programme at the University of Vienna

A doctoral programme entails “training through research”. The focus is on independent academic research. Since the winter semester 2009/2010, all doctoral programmes at the University of Vienna have been restructured according to the Bologna framework. With the new doctoral programme, the University of Vienna puts a greater focus on its doctoral candidates and their dissertation projects. The form of collaboration, and therefore also of the supervision, should be agreed upon and structured jointly by the doctoral candidates and their supervisors.

Key points of the new doctoral programme

  • The research proposal is the first project plan of the intended doctoral project. It has to be submitted by the end of the first academic year at the latest.
  • Usually, the intended doctoral project has to be publicly presented at the Faculty.
  • In the doctoral thesis agreement, the doctoral candidate and the supervisors specify the intended doctoral project, requirements that have to be fulfilled and the extent of supervision. The respective curricula determine the framework of the agreement.
  • Mandatory annual reports document the results and requirements fulfilled in the previous year and specify the next steps for the upcoming year. Annual reports are necessary for university financial supports. (for example scholarships)

For more detailed information on the doctoral programmes at the University of Vienna, please visit the website of the Center for Doctoral Studies.

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