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According to the curriculum, doctoral candidates have to obtain 30 ECTS credits to complete the doctoral programme in Social Sciences. These credits comprise courses (amounting to a minimum of 20 ECTS credits) as well as transferable skills (amounting to a maximum of 10 ECTS credits).

1. Courses

Course description

The doctoral programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences consists of three course types:

Research colloquium (5 ECTS credits each)

SE Theories (5 ECTS credits each)

SE Methods (5 ECTS creits each)

All course types are provided each semester.

Course directory

Generally, all courses of the doctoral programme aim at conveying the following contents and objectives:

•    Deepening the knowledge of one's field of doctoral research
•    Combining disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity
•    Reflecting one's research work methodically and theoretically
•    Discussing, reflecting and elaborating the research approach

Seminars: Theory (5 ECTS):

In courses of this type, current theories and/or approaches of social science research should be presented and debated. These courses convey profound knowledge of theoretical debates, if possible also underpinned by empirical examples. The courses aim at a critical reflection of different theories and approaches. Doctoral candidates learn how to specify the research  approach used in their doctoral theses in the light of other approaches (maximum number of participants: 15).

Seminars: Methods (5 ECTS)

Methods seminars should convey knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methods in the collection and analysis of data and material. Methods courses should apply specific methods in the context of different research approaches. The doctoral candidates' research projects are the focus of the seminar (maximum number of participants: 15).

Research colloquium (5 ECTS)

Research colloquia serve as forums for the presentation and discussion of doctoral research projects together with peers and the lecturer. Research colloquia may be offered as team-teaching or interdisciplinary courses (maximum number of participants: 15).
A minimum of 20 ECTS credits have to be obtained through courses and 15 ECTS credits through courses with continuous assessment. The Directorate of Doctoral Studies recommends the following distribution of study credits:
1 theory course (5 ECTS credits)
1 methods course (5 ECTS credits)
1 research colloquium (5 ECTS credits)
1 course of the candidate's choice (5 ECTS credits obtainable through theory, methods or research colloquium courses)

The remaining 10 ECTS credits may be recognised by providing certificates of specific transferable skills or by passing two more courses from the doctoral programme.

Any changes to the doctoral thesis agreement resulting from the new weighting of courses may be corrected in the annual progress reports!
Elective subject (courses without continuous assessment are possible), e.g. a lecture on a topic relevant for the intended doctoral project selected from the doctoral programme of the degree programmes, or courses from master's programmes that are relevant for the research topic in terms of content or methods.

Recognition of other courses
Courses of the old doctoral programme or other doctoral programmes may be recognised on a case-by-case basis.

Curriculum of the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences (in German only)

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