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Public presentation at the Faculty

Doctoral candidates and their supervisors are asked to present the proposed project at the Faculty together. The research proposal giving an outline of the project is the basis for the presentation and serves a twofold purpose. First, new doctoral candidates and their research topics are introduced to the faculty staff. Second, the presentation is expected to offer all attendants a platform for exchange and feedback. The doctoral advisory boards who are invited to this event may give advice and express their view on the proposed thesis project. The Directorate of Studies decides on research proposals based on the recommendations of the doctoral advisory boards.

Guidelines for drafting a dissertation concept for the public presentation at the Faculty!

The public presentations at the Faculty are organised by the directors of studies responsible for the new doctoral programme together with the respective StudiesServiceCentre (
klaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.atklaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.atklaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.at). Directors of studies determine in what form and how often public presentations at the Faculty take place.

You may view the minutes of your public presentation at the Faculty with Erika Mikusch (room C622) during office hours.

Here the link to the dates of public presentation.

Necessary steps to register for the public presentation at the Faculty:

  1. Doctoral candidates submit a form stating their dissertation topic and supervisors (Registration of the topic of the doctoral thesis and the
    supervisors (SL/D11)
    ) filled in and signed by supervisor, to the competent StudiesServiceCentre (klaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.at).

  2. The form “Regulations relating to good scientific practice (SL/W1)” must be enclosed.

  3. If required, the form “Approval of financial support of the doctoral thesis project as part of a doctoral/PhD degree programme (SL/W4)” must be signed by the head of the respective organisational unit or project and be submitted.

  4. In addition, a research proposal (4000 words exclusive bibliographical references, type size 12 pt, typeface Times New Roman, line distance 1,5) and a half-page long abstract in PDF format must be sent by e-mail to the SSC (klaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.atklaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.at). Please, name your PDF files as follows:

family name_first name_student ID number_expose.pdf
family name_first name_student ID number_abstract.pdf

  1. Furthermore, a curriculum vitae must be submitted using the following form: CV form. Please, name your file as follows: family name_first name_student ID number_CV.pdf

  2. PowerPoint presentations must be sent to the StudentServiceCentre the day before the presentation (klaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.at). Please, name your files as follows: family name_first name_student ID number_powerpoint.pdf
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