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Recognitions of academic credits and acquired transferable skills:

All in all, a maximum amount of 10 ECTS credits can be recognised in the doctoral programme after conclusion of the doctoral thesis agreement.

Extra-curricular workshops (Graduate Centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences; other workshops of the University of Vienna; external workshops) can be recognised upon approval by the StudiesServiceCentre to a maximum extent of 2 ECTS credits each!

Please provide evidence of when and where you obtained your external credits (certificate of participation or other certificates)!

Please click here for the application form for recognition of ECTS.
Please send the filled in form to klaudia.zeliska@univie.ac.at.
Please note that processing recognition applications may take up to three months.

The following credits can be recognised upon approval by the Directorate of Doctoral Studies (DSPL):

Participation in conferences

2 ECTS credits

Presentations at conferences (paper)

4-5 ECTS credits

Organisation of conferences

3-4 ECTS credits

Academic publications (not applicable for theses by publication)

4-5 ECTS credits

Curating of exhibitions

3-4 ECTS credits


3-4 ECTS credits (4 ECTS credits if doctoral candidate taught alone, 3 ECTS credits if doctoral candidate taught together with another lecturer)

Participation in appraised academic research projects

1-3 ECTS credits

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