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Thesis by publication

Thesis by publication

Writing a thesis by publication is subject to the supervisor's approval. Since a thesis by publication requires different planning, the form of the thesis should be discussed with the supervisor or supervisors as early as possible and written down in the doctoral thesis agreement.

The Guidelines for Theses by Publication apply in principle to at the point a thesis by publication is submitted. Until end of 2019 doctoral students can choose between the Guidelines of November 2012 or the new Guidelines of June 2017. 

Before the doctoral thesis is submitted, the representative of the respective discipline within the Directorate of Doctoral Studies (DSPL) confirms whether it satisfies the regulations for theses by publication based on a written statement by the supervisor. The supervisor's written statement regarding the thesis by publication is a preliminary appraisal according to the applicable regulations. It serves as a basis for the decision of the DSPL.

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