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The University of Vienna aims to offer doctoral education of the highest quality. The supervision of doctoral candidates is crucial for this. The establishment of doctoral advisory boards and public presentations at the Faculty highlights  the collective responsibility of the University’s academic community. However, it is still the supervisors that play the key role. They supervise, support and accompany doctoral candidates to the successful completion of their doctoral projects.

The first important task of supervisors is to select appropriate candidates and to establish fruitful working relations with them, which are later specified in the doctoral thesis agreement. The selection of candidates is entirely up to the University’s academics. In general, the selection is based upon:

1.    an identified academic research question

2.    the sufficient qualification of the doctoral candidate,

3.    that can be fruitfully supervised by the University’s academics,

4.    the availability of sufficient resources (time, money, material) that

appear to make the completion of the doctoral project realistic.

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