Change to emergency operation

The University of Vienna stops all operations requiring its members’ attendance at the University and changes to emergency operation as of 16 March.

The employees work in home office. Unfortunately we are currently not available by phone.

At the moment you can only reach us by e-mail:

Submission of the doctoral thesis: Currently only possible electronically. Please send all forms by e-mail as PDF to:

Click here for further information:
Coronavirus: University operations as of 16 March


The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna is the largest of its kind in Austria. The development and design of the doctoral programmes in Social Sciences are a central part of the teaching and research focus. They help the Faculty obtain and sustain a significant role both in the regional environment and in the pan-European context.

Our Faculty offers the following doctoral programmes: Political Science, Sociology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Communication Studies, Social Studies of Science, Nursing Science and Development Studies.

Based on the supervisors' key research areas, the range of courses of the doctoral programme varies from semester to semester. It includes courses held on a regular and irregular basis as well as courses offered at short notice (visiting professors, visiting lecturers, etc.) and courses acknowledging specific demands (e.g. research topics of doctoral theses).

The doctoral programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences aims at providing young academics with an education that is competitive in the research labour market as well as contributing to the research outputs of the Faculty.